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Family & Friends

from Greyhawkes Aerie

Christmas is a very special time in our household and it's been filled with more joy and laughter since people have started sending out various gifts via e-mail. Here's some stories, links and what not we have collected over the last several years.

Is there a Santa Claus? We believe, do you?
* A "proof" that he doesn't and a rebuttal
* Another rebuttal
* Yet another rebuttal

Christmas Songs
* Net is Slow (a parody)
* Computer songs

Holiday Puzzles
* Christmas Song Title Puzzle
* Guess the Christmas Song Title

Variations on "The Night Before Christmas"
* #1 - for the highly educated
* #2 - for the politically correct
* #3 - for the redneck
* #4 - for the military veteran

Christmas for the Politically Correct
* Politically Correct Greetings for the season
* Politically Correct 12 Days of Xmas

Christmas for the Hacker
* Time of Year Again
* A Christmas Computer Program (in C)

Misc. Christmas Humor
* Christmas Carols for the Psychiatric
* Santa's Checkride
* Santa's Tree Topper
* The X-mas Files
* Three Wise Men

Misc. Christmas Inspirational
* Christmas Story
* Santa's Secret Wish
* The Candy Cane

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