Brevard Beastiary
A live action role playing game set in Brevard County, Florida

Based on the Mind's Eye Theatre game The Apocalypse by White Wolf Game Studios.
Copyright © 1995-2013 Daniel B Utecht. All Rights Reserved.

The World of Darkness setting is copyrighted by White Wolf Game Studios. MIND'S EYE THEATRE, WEREWOLF, VAMPIRE and a number of other terms are also trademarks of WWGS. This page is in no way affiliated with WWGS. Reproduction of any of the material contained herein with the intent to make profit is forbidden.

I'm looking for any new tribes, gifts, talismans, banes, etc. that may be floating around out there for the live action game. If there are things you see that I've missed, then send them to me. Thanks!

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*Introduction to Brevard Beastiary and other Mind's Eye Theatre games
*House Rules and Clarifications
*House Rules for Merits and Flaws
*Local History
*Who's Who in the local area
*New Totems
*New Gifts
*Software for Storytellers - Werewolf and Vampire Trackers and Vampire Creator
Rules Additions for PCs and NPCs
*Nuwisha (were-coyotes) Rules and gifts
*Corax (were-ravens) Rules and gifts
*Bastet (were-cats) Rules and gifts
*Mokolé (were-lizards) Rules and gifts
*Black Spiral Dancers and Fomori
*White Howlers
*Live Action Mage Rules
*Live Action Changeling Rules
*Live Action Highlander Rules

New Totems

Fire Elementals Cost: 7 traits
This totem of war is rarely adopts packs. Packs that have drawn attention from fire spirits usually have incredible amounts of devastation associated with their rite of passage. This elemental grants immunity to flames. All normal fire damage is taken as normal not aggravated damage. Magical fires and chemical burns are still affected by the totem. The downside of this totem is that the total number of attributes are halved for the purposes of frenzy checks. Players can call for a retest to determine if they enter a fox frenzy or a rage frenzy.

Earth Elementals Cost: 4 traits
Earth elementals are normally seen as strong and silent, and until a volcano or earthquake happens, such assumptions are justified. Packs adopted by this totem get a free retest on frenzy checks, but must make two checks to see if they come out of frenzy. One will must be spent per check to automatically win. Packs adopted by earth elementals gain a reflective mental trait, as well as a steady and robust trait.

Gargoyles Cost: 9 traits
Shapeshifters are the avatars of Gaia. Computers, cities, governments, and Net Spiders are avatars of the Weaver. Banes, Femori and Vampires are avatars of the Wyrm. However, this was not always so. Before the Wyrm went mad, it kept the balance between the Weaver that produced and the Wyld that destroyed. Gargoyles kept watch for the Wyrm and judged. As the Weaver spun the Wyrm into its web and drove it mad, the gargoyles left and remained untainted by the insanity and corruption.

Today, gargoyles still try to maintain the balance. For the last several centuries, they have begun to side with the Wyld, doing quick raids, assassinations, and anonymous tips to those that can tip the scales back into balance. Only a few learned Uktena truly know of the origin of the Gargoyles, and those that do welcome its power for the good of Gaia. They rarely trust them though, keeping a close watch on them, ready to pounce at the first sign of corruption. Wyrm creatures also try to seek out and destroy them for turning their back on what gave them power.

Packs that the Gargoyle spirit adopt gain the ability to spend a gnosis while in Crinos and grow huge wings. This will enable them to fly. The totem also grants to one member of the pack the ability to use Blur of the Milky Eye while remaining perfectly still. The ability to go unnoticed is also granted to the entire pack while in flight. They also gain two observant traits when using Sense Wyrm, Truth of Gaia, Heightened Senses, Detect Spirit, Fatal Flaw, Secrets, Sense Magic, and Sense Silver
Packs with this totem must strive to maintain the balance at all times.

Turtle Cost: 4 traits
The turtle is peaceful totem. It grants its children armored protection. In attacks that cut or slash, the Garou can call for a second test to see if the armor protects them. If they win the second test, no damage is taken. If the weapons used against them can cause aggravated damage, the Garou looses ties.

Garou with this totem cannot spend more than two rage in an action unless in a frenzy, at which time they lose the protection of the Turtle. They also tend to sleep late.

New and Revised Gifts

Scent of Sight
Basic Gift - Lupus
The Garou can use his sense of smell to compensate completely for his eyes. Thus he can attack invisible creatures normally, roughly navigate in darkness, and blind-fight with no penalties. The Garou must make a Static Mental challenge against a Narrator decided difficulty to use this Gift.

Sense the Unnatural
Basic Gift - Lupus
The Garou can sense any unnatural presence and determine its approximate strength and type. Supernatural presences include magic, spirits, demons, wraiths, and the Wyrm. This will only detect Kindred with three or more Beast traits. This requires a Mental challenge against the probed, though the target need not risk a trait, and may not relent. This Gift costs one Gnosis per use.

Spirit of the Fray
Basic Gift - Ahroun
The Garou can spend a Rage to pre-empt an action with a Physical challenge. Otherwise as Alacrity.

Ceridwen's Touch
Basic Gift - Fianna
This gift is used to heal damage to others. It take one minute to perform. One level of damage is transferred to the Garou using this gift. For regular damage, a simple test is needed. If the test is won or tied, the damage level is transferred. If the wounds are aggravated, a gnosis trait must be expended. If the test is won, that damage transferred is taken as normal, if tied the damage taken is aggravated and if the test is lost, no damage is transferred. GAROU NEVER USE THIS ON VAMPIRES!

Razor Claws
Basic Gift
Razor Claws remain as stated in the rules, with this addition: After hitting the opponent, the Garou can opt for another test. If the test is won, another health level of damage is taken. Ties are counted as losses. The Garou can still use rage to call for another damage level if desired as per rage rules.

Intermediate Gift - Galliard
The Garou enters another's dreams and can thereby affect the course of that dream. The Garou does not have to be anywhere near the target, but must know or have seen the dreamer. The Garou must defeat the target in a Mental challenge and spend a Gnosis. If the target awakes while the Garou is still in the dream, the Garou is thrown out of the dream world and loses a Gnosis point.

Intermediate Gift - Child of Gaia
The Garou can overwhelm a target with the glory and beauty of Gaia. The Garou spends a Gnosis and enters a Social challenge with the target. If successful the target can do nothing but stand mutely in awe for five minutes or until a Challenge is declared against them.

Grandmothers Touch
Intermediate Gift - Child of Gaia
This works exactly like Mother's Touch, except that the Garou may use it to heal themselves as well as others.

Intermediate Gift - Fianna
This Gift creates a static illusion with full visual, auditory, and even tactile and olfactory components. The Garou must spend a Gnosis for every ten cubic feet the illusion effects. Characters may defeat the Garou in a Mental challenge to see through the illusion.

Clear Mind
Advanced Gift - Stargazer
This Stargazer gift lets all who use it the ability to substitute Gnosis for Rage in combat and for use in gifts that require rage. Once learned, this gift is always active, and lets the Garou buy down his rage a one point per experience spent. Even with this gift, no Garou can completely remove the rage from their souls.

Thieving Talons of the Magpie
Advanced Gift - Ragabash
This gift is taught by a magpie spirit, and lets the Ragabash steal the powers of another creature and use them as if the power were it's own. The Garou must have seen the target use the power and then win a mental challenge. Upon winning, the Garou can use the ability for one minute per gnosis spent. The target can be any shape-shifter, vampire, mage, mummy, changeling, etc. The target can not use the power until the Ragabash is finished with it.

Advanced Gift - Homid
The Garou is able to blend smoothly into any culture, no matter how alien it is. The Garou can slip in among Bedouin nomads as if he were one of them, or shop in a Chinese market without turning heads. This Gift will not hide racial differences, but the behaviors and mannerisms of a native can be mimicked. This also allows the Garou to speak and understand the culture's language, although it will be forgotten when the effects of the Gift wear off. This Gift is taught by an ancestor spirit and lasts for thirty minutes per Gnosis, or one day per Willpower.

Software for Storytellers

Werewolf Tracker 2.1
I have written a program to keep track of all the player and non-player cast in my game. It is written for Windows 3.1 in Visual Basic 3.0. It prefers to be run in 800x600 resolution, but version 2.1 is more 640x480 friendly.

Vampire Tracker 1.0
Due to popular demand, I have written a program to track Vampires as well. Because of their more simplistic nature, the Vampire Tracker can be run in 640x480 resolution. Because one of the people that asked me to do this program is in the national club "The Camarilla", I made the program so that it is compatible with their House Rules. This is still 100% playable with the normal rules, and it tracks Camarilla, Sabbat, and the lesser bloodlines. I plan on adding the Vampire Tracker and Character Generator together someday.

Vampire Character Generator V2.1
For three years now, I have been making vampire characters for a live action game held yearly in Orlando at a science fiction convention. Rather then spend weeks typing in each character, I have written a program to take most of the drudgery out of running a large one shot game, or creating NPCs for our local game. The first version was written (in a moment of weakness) using Quick Basic. Currently, the program is written in Visual Basic and includes all disciplines from the Camarilla, Bloodlines, and Sabbat, but only detailed descriptions of the Camarilla disciplines as well as Chimerstry. I plan on adding the other disciplines in the near future. If you find any errors in this or my Werewolf Tracker, I would appreciate hearing about them. If you would like to suggest any program changes or additions, or if you find my programs useful, please let me know.
The Character Generator was written for Windows 3.1, and it will run in standard VGA at 640x480. Due to some Windows 95 quirks, it runs on Windows 95 poorly. It cannot print out the sheet to the Write program so that the character can be edited.

---- Software below not written by Daniel Utecht ----

Rather than risk slow productivity or halt operations all together, the computerized maintenance management system, CMMS Software, has a worldwide professional standard of business. CMMS Software keeps operations running smoothly to keep up with the productivity that I need. It is a really great version of the software and it is spot on with Windows and Linux operating systems.

This page is (as is every page on the web) currently under construction. It was last updated this year. If you found any of this entertaining or useful, or have any suggestions send mail to: Daniel B Utecht.

Future plans include new fetishes, gifts, totems, spirits, banes, plot twists, and expanded rules for Black Spiral Dancers and Bastet. I might even make up rules for were-bears if there is a need.

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