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Raptor's Aerie

Miscellaneous Links

* Alberta Birds of Prey Centre
Canada's largest birds of prey facility
Provides mobile environmental educational presentations about birds of prey in the Southeast
* The Peregrine Fund
Working to conserve wild populations of birds of prey
* Raptor Hospital, PBS' Newton's Apple  Show #1210
* Raptor and Wildlife Refuge of Tasmania
* The Raptor Center: Raptor Facts
* The Raptor Gallery
Photos of raptors from various sources. These are NOT public domain, so please respect the author/owner.
* University Of Calgary Peregrine Falcon Home Page
* US FWS Wildlife Species Information

Raptor Art, Photos, Graphics

NOTE: All of these items were found on the 'Net, mostly through a search on Lycos. I would really like to credit the artists or photographers but have lost the information on where I found these. If one of these is your property, please let me know - I do not wish to be stealing anyone's work.

* Eagle (GIF, 11913 bytes) * Falcon (GIF, 11071 bytes)
* Falcon (JPG, 121344 bytes) * Kestrel (GIF, 17831 bytes)
* Kestrel (GIF, 31755 bytes) * Kestrel (JPEG, 27879 bytes)
* Red-tailed Hawk (GIF, 34359 bytes) * Screech Owl (GIF, 30309 bytes)
* Swainson's Hawk (JPEG, 9805 bytes)
Audio files
* Peregrine Falcon cry (WAV, 48802 bytes)

* Adoption/Rehab Programs
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