Mage Live Action Rules

by Gil Richard (
Modified for Brevard Beastiary
By Daniel B Utecht.

Character Development

6.1 New Traits - XP costs

6.2 Foci for newly acquired Spheres
Any new sphere achieved by a Mage has a foci which is required by the mage to cast magical effects for that sphere. Even if the mage has enough Arete traits to ignore that foci, they are still forced to use that foci for the first 2 weeks of that new knowledge. After those 2 weeks pass, they may choose to ignore the foci. When casting a magical effect, act out how your foci is being used to create the magical effect. This has potential to add a lot of good cheese to the game, with Sons of Ether wearing funny goggles, dancing Euthanatos, chanting Order of Hermes mages. Ham it up.

6.3 Studying/Teaching
Study points can no longer be gained (although you can use any study points you have accumulated during the game). If you wish to study a tome or get another mage (with the desired knowledge) to assist your learning a new sphere level:
- The time required to learn the new sphere is increased by 1 week.
- This week must be spent with a daily 4 hours of solid reading/ teaching. If you are going to use your character during this timespan, you must study/teach for at least 1/2 hour of game play.
- You may cram, which lowers the time to learn to 3 game days, but you cannot bring your character in during that time.
-If this cycle is disturbed, the mage must immediate win a simple test or have to start over again from the beginning. A research trait may be expended to re-test a failed test in the case of studying a tome, or the teacher of the mage may expend an instruction trait to allow the mage to re-test.
- At the end of this timespan, the mage gets a number of complex tests equal to the rating of the tome they are studying, OR the teachers' rating in the topic sphere. Each success lowers the XP cost of the learning process by 1 to a minimum of 1.


Appendix A: Mage-specific Merits and Flaws

Appendix B

New Influence - Computer
The Computer Influence allows access to and control over the non-magical aspects of all global telecommunications, focussing mainly on the users and running of it.

                Computer Influence

Trait Requirement               Example Influence
        1               Contact anyone with Computer influence
                        Find out major trends in telecommunications/net.culture
        2               Find contraband information (anarchy files, etc)
                        Get pirate data
                        Modify individual telephone services (register a
                        residential phone as a pay phones, cut off services,
        3               Arrange for fake phone calls/faxes/email/etc
                        Arrange for small-scale lags and crashes
                        Modify telephone services in a regional area
                        (register all residential phones as pay phones,
                        cut off all services, etc..)
        4               Bring down local network access
                        Disable city-wide telephone services
        5               Affect nation-wide telecommunication access
                        (Major TELCOS/net providers/satellite communications)

Well, that's it for my mage rules. If you like them, that's cool - please mail me and tell me why; I need the ego stroke. If you hate them, that's cool; please mail me and tell me why. Maybe we can fix them so you can gain instant fame and glory. (or not ;>).
Gil Richard (

This page will be modified as I see fit and time permits. Good job, Gil.
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